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1938  --  History  -- 2009

The first 36 years.


Here is a little background on our dog club. Each year, someone asks us  how we began, so I thought I would supply it all for you. These highlights   were taken from our first  fifty years of the dog club.

Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club was formed in 1938 by Mr.and Mrs. Lloyd  Case, Mr. and Mrs. John     Brooks, Katherine Connley, Earl Coe, Blake Fuessenich,  Abbie Gilbert, Frank Lyons, and Dr. Charles Turkington.

The first match show was held on June 29, 1939 on the lawn of the Litchfield Hills   Inn. There was an entry of 172 dogs in 30 breeds. A group of boys in silk orange and yellow jockey caps parked the cars.

January 24, 1940 a match was held at the Warner Theater in Torrington. 50 dogs   were entered. A special "best In show" rosette' ribbon, together with a silver trophy  and lead and collar would be awarded. An imported lead and collar was awarded to  the dog owner coming the longest distance was won by F.M. Smith from Alston, Massachusetts who showed his Irish Terrier. Best in Show was awarded to a  Doberman Pinscher owned by Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooks of Litchfield. Before  the dog show a short film, "Man's Best Friend" was shown. At the conclusion of  the dog show the movie "Off the Record" starring Pat O'Brien and Joan Blondell was shown followed by "The Young in Heart" starring Janet Gaynor and Douglas   Fairbanks, Jr.   

The First Show was held on the Athletic Field of the Taft School in Watertown. There were 537 dogs entered. Lloyd Case was President, and Mrs. J. F. Kilgus, Jr.   was Show Chairman.

In the minutes of a meeting held in 1941 there was a report of a discussion about the Show Committee and especially someone to handle the money. The following   is a quote from the minutes: "If we are to aspire to an A. K.C. point show we want someone on the committee who can pay the check if we lose money on it."

May, 1942 . It was voted to recess meetings until fall and to cancel plans for the show in September. It was voted to have four meetings a year.

October 2, 1942 - A match was held with Harwinton Fair. There were 44 dogs   entered in 16 breeds. The club made $21.17.

April 11, 1946 - After a presentation by Attorney O'Donnell on the needs and   benefits of incorporation, the club voted to appropriate sufficient funds to do this.   

1946 minutes - "Some discussion in regard to increasing membership in the club with  special stress on obtaining member who are sincerely interested in dog activities. The  need of publicity was also stressed. "

May 18, 1947 - Match held at Litchfield Playhouse- $50 profit.

August 28, 1948 Show held at White Foundation in Litchfield. The final report shows a substantial deficit which cannot be covered by the present club treasury unless it Is possible to raise money by  various projects during the year. The deficit is $900, the treasury has $200.

The Club finally issued $10.00 bonds. Mr. Foley, Supt., reduced the amount owed to them from $694.68 to $500.00. At some point, the club had apparently built some privies at White Memorial. After considerable negotiation N.C.D.C. was able to convince White Memorial to accept ownership of the privies to settle the club's account.

1949 - Show showed a loss of $354.00.

1950 - The Club voted to apply for AKC. Membership.

The club planned to have a dog show in Waterbury. -They were  informed of the sudden enforcement of an old statute that to obtain a  license to hold the show, it would be necessary to certify that no admission would be charged. After much discussion Mr. Foley  suggested that the entry fee be increased from $4.00 to $5.00,

Sunday, September 23, 1951 - Benched Show held at Fuessenich Park in Torrington.  September 13, 1951 - Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club became a member club of the American Kennel Club. Mr. Thomas O'Donnell was chosen Delegate. The Board voted to pay for transportation, meal, and hotel if necessary - but not to exceed $15.00.

March, 1952 - The club voted to have three matches. One in Winsted, One at Lloyd  Case's home, and one at the Goshen Fairgrounds.

August, 1952 - No one would accept the position of Show Chairman for 1953. Vote   was put to the membership if they wanted to continue to have shows. Mr. Frank Parker was finally appointed Show Chairman. Several members suggested that he would be a good choice since he is new to the club and has never held office.

At the match at Lloyd Case's home there was considerable plumbing expense to which the match may have been a contributing factor. The Club would look into this matter.

The Annual Dinner for 1952 was held at the Riverton Inn. The menu was: Baked Stuffed Pork Chop $2.85 Fried Deep Sea Scallops $2.75; Roast native turkey $2.95;   Lobster Newburg $3.25; Filet Mignon $5.00. In the Treasurer's report there was $5.00 listed for Riverton Inn - tips for annual dinner.

1953 - Show held at Fuessenich Park. The final report stated that there was a shortage of men at the gate. People came in the north gate without paying. They discussed having Pinkerton men at the gate. They paid $51.00 for police, fire department, and a ladies room attendant.

The minutes Indicate poor meeting attendance.

1954 -The club voted to sell beer at the show. This show had a profit of   $104.71.

The March 1955 match was cancelled because the chairman could not obtain judges.

1955 - A.K.C. approved the Goshen Fairgrounds for one year.

The 1955 show showed a loss of $514.29.

1956 - The Torrington Lions Club helped to sponsor the show. This was the last benched show. The entry was 566 dogs. The club gets 15% of the profit.

1958 show - 591 dogs.

1960 Show -There was an exhibition of the Litchfield County Foxhound Pack in. action under the direction of Mr. Sherman P. Haight, Jr., Master. Also the Sandanona Beagle Hound Club exhibited their pack under the direction of Mr. MoT-gan Wing,Jr., Master.

1967 - The Board discussed the possibility of using prisoners from Litchfield Jail  to prepare and clean up the show site.

The Board wanted to review the expenses for judges for the 1968 show in view of  the possibility of losing the sponsorship of the Lions Club if the expenses were too high.

1973 - The Club wanted to negotiate with the Lions Club to see if the club could get 30% of the profits instead of 15%.

Henry Mosle, A.K.C. Delegate, reported that at the last Delegates Meeting the   possibility of allowing women to be delegates was discussed. N.C.D.C. was in   favor of this.

1974 - A contest was held.for  the designing of a club logo. Virginia Wooster (Flynn) was the winner. Her design Is the logo that we still use today.

    Susan Fenn, Historian
    Joyce Fenn


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